ATO Architects provided a design

ATO Architects provided a design of an ultramodern market for IDIS on a 121.1 hectare consisting of 15,000 retail shops, shopping malls, hotels, motels, World Trade Center, petrol station, trailer park, and other ancillary facilities.
The project is located in Kano, an ancient city, and former Trans-Saharan trade route, renowned for being the commercial nerve center of West Africa, and the melting pot of Nigeria.
The client’s intention was to create a new space for the proposed relocation of Singer Market to a large spacious site on the outskirts of Kano, and to create a trade center of international standard. The master plan was laid out in a pattern inspired by the “Arewa” logo, which symbolizes the unity of Northern Nigeria. The project was divided into five phases. Phase one which consists of the infrastructural works commenced in 2007

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